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English for IT combines the study of business English with information technology vocabulary.

As I write this blog post (January 2nd, 2023), a look back at 2022, cannot ignore the tech layoffs by companies such as Meta, Amazon, Google and the list goes on to include more than 1000 companies in the US laying off 152,000 employees, according to Forbes Magazine (December 30, 2022).

So, with all this bad news why would someone write a blog article promoting the study of English and IT? The answer: the gig economy. Whether you are an engineer at Tencent or a college student hoping to land a job as a web designer after graduation, as we step into 2023, many of us will be taking part in some kind of home and office work-arrangement. The Covid years introduced the world to hybrid work, followed by the development of platform-based enterprises and an increase in hiring contractual talent.

What better time than now to sharpen your English IT chops? My English for IT lessons utilizes the Pearson Longman, English for Information Technology course book. The book includes dialogues between IT professionals, emails for students to complete, audio tracks for listening and speaking practice and of course countless IT vocabulary terms used in the correct grammatical context.

This class familiarizes the student with such topics as jobs in IT, understanding computer systems, website language and development, customer service and more…