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My lessons are tailor made to meet your specific goals. A combination of thoughtful preparedness combined with a structure that includes a post lesson summary will allow you to retain more of what you learned. Many of my business English clients enjoy the Wall Street Journal and Economist Magazine articles I provide. I often keep an eye out for articles that are relevant to the industries that my clients work in.

I begin with a questionnaire/needs analysis. I’ll ask you about your English-speaking goals.

Yes, you can reach me here: James@englishedge.net.

I am from the Midwest of the United States. I speak with a midwestern dialect. This is the preferred dialect of newscasters and professional actors.

I am currently using MS Teams but I am considering the addition of Zoom & Skype.

I can help students write an essay, develop study strategies, edit presentations and practice speaking. I have taught US history, world history, geography & English literature for more than 15 years in several international schools in various countries.

Yes, I have worked with executives assisting them in interview-answer construction and mock interview practice.