English Edge



English has become the international language of the globe. Now, more than 70 countries regard English as the language of choice when it comes to engaging in business.

English has become a key skill for communicating in business. From the 27 European countries to Asian Tigers, the English language is the linchpin to communicating with business leaders.

English should be learned in context. One needs to be exposed to the language every day, whether in a professional or task-based context, or daily life conversations with a clear purpose of learning.

Learners must identify why they want to learn English to ensure their goals are set correctly and that their focus is in the right area. The good news is that in this modern-era of technology and websites such as this one, these goals can be achieved!

To unlock career opportunities learners of English will benefit from understanding what kind of English they need. Are you looking to improve your use of general business English? Maybe you want to sharpen your presentation skills. What about sales and marketing opportunities that spring-up from time-to-time. Whatever your needs, this site should provide you with some guidance.